Sometimes it’s difficult to think of what tocook for yourself, never mind taking into consideration the demands of what the kids wants. Eat Up Family is a website filled with simple, family friendly recipes that everyone can enjoy. All recipes have been supplied by a variety of contributors including mums, dads, grandparents, young professionals and even kids themselves!

The aim is to get people of out of the all too familiar ‘food rut’ and think less about fish fingers for tea and more about variety and getting the kids involved in cooking with you at meal times. It can encourage kids to try different types of foods and also make time for you to sit down together at meal times and enjoy each others company – even if it’s just once a week.

To make life a tiny bit easier, we’ve also put together the Eat Up Family weekly meal planner and shopping list. Completely free to download you can plan your weekly meals and use the shopping list to note down what you’re going to need.

Shopping List

Weekly Meal Planner




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