All in a (chocolate twirly) twist




It’s not everyday that your favourite shopping centre and your favourite choccy brand come to you and ask to take part in a chocolate challenge.  I love chocolate!  It’s right up there with a cup of tea and my kids ;), so naturally I wasn’t going to turn this opportunity down.

Now, I wont deny it, when Hotel Chocolat sent over their Cocoa Ketchup and Cocoa Pesto, I was a bit bemused about what to make. It wasn’t until I had a cheeky taste that the ideas started flowing.  There’s loads you can create with this stuff – it’s genius! I’ve even made a batch of Cheeky Chips just so that I could dip them in the ketchup for an evening treat.  Hotel Chocolat have been very clever in the way they have combined the sweet and the savoury.  None of the flavours are so over powering that you find it too much to eat, yet you can distinctly taste the cocoa nibs in with the tomatoes, pine nuts, herbs and so on.

So, down to business then.  After a few discussions with family and friends and (possibly a bit too much time) thinking, I settled on a dish that reflects what Eat Up Family is all about – quick, easy recipes that the whole family will be willing to dip in to.  Here’s the recipe for my Pesto and Ketchup Twirly Twists with dips


Puff pastry (make your own own if you like but I have two children, a dog, a husband, a house and a part time job to deal with so I went for the ready made stuff)

Cocoa Ketchup

Cocoa Pesto

Parmesan cheese – grate about 4 tablespoons worth

Creme fraiche or Greek yoghurt – 3 tablespoons

Method for the Twirly Twists:

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees C and grease a couple of baking trays and put baking parchment over them.

Take a sheet of puff pastry and lay it out flat over some baking parchment. Roll it out to approx 40 cm long and 30 cm wide (don’t need to be too accurate)

Slather it all over with the pesto.  Leave a bit of a border around the edge.


Take another sheet and repeat this process but with the ketchup.

Fold the pasty over length ways, give it a good pat with your hands and then give it a roll with a rolling pin.

TIP: Roll the pastry to the open end it away from you and roll towards this – it helps geWP_20150911_13_14_28_Prot the air out. Some filling will ooze out, but thats good because you can just scoop it up and spread it over the top.

When you have rolled and scooped,  take your parmesan and sprinkle it over the top – being as generous as you please.

Cut your pastry length ways into strips about 1 – 2 cm thick. Take one end and twist away from you so the strip looks like a corkscrew.

When you’ve twisted, twirl your strip into a spiral shape.




Pop the twirly twists on a baking sheet and pop in the over for about 10 -15 mins.  They will be ready when they are puffed up and a lightly browned on top.


While they are cooking you can make your dip.

Method for dip:

Take 2 table spoons of Greek yoghurt or creme fraiche (both work equally well) and plop it into a small bowl. Add a good dollop of cocoa ketchup and give it a really good mix.

Do the same for a second dip with the cocoa pesto.


When the Twirly Twists are ready, take them out and let them cool on a wire rack for a while – we don’t want any burnt tongues please!

Twists can be served warm or cold. If you make them in advance then they can easily be reheated in the oven.

Just dip and enjoy!  Happy dipping.